Ultra - ABV 3.7%

Shhh! It's a secret.

We're keeping the secret to how we achieve this ultra hoppy, ultra pale ale closely under wraps. Shhh, careless talk...

Premium - ABV 4.4%

Quintessentially quaffable best bitter

Rich amber coloured beer with hints of caramel, malt and a complex fruity hop aroma developing a bitter finish and balancing the well-rounded 'malty mouthfeel'.

Top Totty - ABV 4.0%

Stunningly seductive Blonde!

A stunning blonde beer, full bodied with a voluptuous aroma. It has a ripe generous fruitiness with deep and complex hop notes and a rich malt.

Haka - ABV 5.2%

Reviving the Maori spirit

Brought back as a permanent ale due to demand, Haka is an award winning New Zealand Pale Ale that is dry hopped for three weeks .