Summer Lighting 5.0%

A trendsetter in the brewing industry; the original Summer ale brewed all year round. An extremely pleasant, straw coloured beer with a terrific fresh, hoppy aroma. This, coupled with an intense bitterness, leads to an excellent long, dry finish. Probably the beer to receive the most awards in Britain!

Crop Circle 4.2% (Gluten Free)

The subtle blend and aroma of bittering hops give a crispness on the tongue which is delicately fruit, before giving way to some dryness.

G.F.B 3.5%

GFB, our golden best and our founder John Gilbert’s First Brew over 30 years ago. A hoppy aroma and packed full of the best East Kent Golding hops to give a light clean finish. Tasted to destruction by our brewers!

Citra 4.0%

Brewed with American Citra hops, this golden thirst-quenching ale has a lemony, grape-fruity aftertaste with a crisp dry bitterness, making your taste buds yearn for more.

Taiphopn 4.2%

A fantastic pale gold beer made from a complex blend of hops, malt and maize with the addition of coriander and lemongrass. This beer has a delicate flowery, hop aroma and a spicy zing on the palate which makes it excellent with spicy food.

Entire Stout 4.2%

A rich, award winning stout with a strong dark roasted malt flavour. The use of oats gives a creamy, long, smooth aftertaste that lingers on the palate with rich after notes.