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Yorkshire Golden 4.2%

 A refreshing golden beer with hints of caramel and a mouthwatering honey-like sweetness. The perfect Yorkshire nectar. 

Yorkshire Classic 4.0%

A champion beer, light chestnut in colour with a deliciously smooth malty taste and balanced with complex biscuity flavours. 

Blackout IPA 5.0%

The hoppy sister to our popular Blackout, dark and malty with tropical fruit notes from the new world hops.

Blackout Porter 5.0%

We're right chuffed with our porter. This 18th century London beer style is brewed with 100% English ingredients and showcases the delicious flavours of chocolate and vanilla - by 'eck it's addictive. 

Lovestruck 4.4%

Lovestruck’ is a hoppy, amber ale filled with a floral & berry hop character that tickles the nose, followed by coffee and hazelnut aromas.

Absolutely 4.2%

Brewed by madness, the name is taken from their second album which reached number 2 in the charts in 1980. The Madness ‘Absolutely Pale Ale’ is a fabulously fun blonde with a hoppy bouquet and fruitful high notes.

Moonstone IPA 5.0%

A collaboration celebrating the Gemini star sign and is influenced by the American IPA’s ( Tony’s favourite beer style ). A pale coloured American IPA, bursting with tropical fruit flavours.

Nightboat 5.0%

'Nightboat’ comes from the hit ‘Nightboat to Cairo’ from the 1979 debut album One Step Beyond, a rich and velvety London porter packed to the rafters with cappuccino, chocolate and dark fruit aromas. It’s a beer with a taste for adventure!

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